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Low Dead Space Syringe Reconstituting MMR Vaccine | QD Syringe

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The QD Syringe is a redesigned fully functional low dead space syringe.

The QD Syringe is the next generation of low dead space disposable syringes with detachable needles. This eco-friendly syringe is an easier, safer alternative for medical professionals to use than the outdated and sometimes hazardous and wasteful syringes currently available.

QD Syringe is simple – open the package and it’s fully functional, draw down the medicine and attach the QD injection needle and immediately deliver to a patient…with less pain because the needle has not been used prior to patient injection.

“The riskiest thing we can do is maintain the status quo.” Bob Iger

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Low Dead Space QD Syringe vs Current Basic Syringe

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QD Syringe Maximizes the Delivery of Covid-19 Vaccine

Thursday, January 28th, 2021 | Permalink

qd-syringe-how-to-luer-on-the-low-residual-volume-qd-hub-and-needleThere are two problems that need solving when delivering the Covid-19 vaccine. The first is the goal of completely emptying every life saving drop of vaccine from the vial. And the second is delivering every drop of that vaccine into a person using a low residual volume syringe.

To properly remove the vaccine from a vial you mustn’t use a fine fixed needle low dead space syringe, this will not insure that the vial is completely empty once the vaccine is drawn up into the syringe. The most effective way is to use a draw down cannula that completely empty’s the vial every time. Then once the vaccine is completely removed from it’s vial into the syringe, the draw needle would be removed and a low dead space needle would be attached to the syringe to insure delivery of the covid-19 vaccine into a person with a low residual volume left within the syringe.

What I have invented integrates a patented BPA free acrylic draw cannula onto a syringe, all-in-one.

A Syringe that is functional right out of its package. The QD Syringe comes with its very own patented hub with sharp steel needle which is attached to the syringe’s patented tip to immediately inject the vaccine into a person with a low residual volume after the injection. The QD Syringe saves gallons upon gallons of life saving vaccine by emptying the vial completely and completely delivering the dose within the syringe as a low residual volume syringe.

QD Syringe Blue Cannula Example 3

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