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QD Syringe | The First Fully Functional Syringe

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BPA Free GlyFlo Tip – The QD Syringe is a BPA Free Medical Syringe.



The QD Syringe has been touted as the next generation of safer and more effective syringes to enter the market – the Quick Draw Syringe™. The Quick Draw Syringe or the QD Syringe is a revolutionary product that will be the world’s first fully functional basic low dead space syringe with detachable and low residual volume QD hubs with needles.

Created by Christopher Green, CEO and co-founder of QD Syringe Systems Inc., this patented eco-friendly product is unique in the fact that it is fully functional out of its package, it is safer and easier for medical professionals to use and a low dead space syringe that tremendously reduces medication waste and residual volume. The QD Syringe was also designed for pre-filled syringe use. Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, QD Syringe Systems, Inc. CEO says the design of basic syringe hasn’t been updated in decades. Until now. Introducing the QD Syringe. The QD Syringe is a BPA free medical syringe device.


QD Syringe with Glyflo Technology

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qd-syringe-with-bilateral-glyflo-technologyChristopher Green designed the QD Syringe’s tip with Glyflo Technology™ with a noncoring tip and bilateral fluid flow channels. This new design also greatly reduces the risks of needle sticks by medical professionals (no more detachable draw needles), reduces the spread of infectious diseases, and saves tremendously on medication waste with its low residual volume design and guarantees delivering a less painful injection to the patient.

QD Syringe was designed as a low residual volume syringe with an integrated BPA Free draw needle tip to a polypropylene syringe body. The QD Syringe has an exclusively mating low dead space hub and needle. The next generation of basic disposable syringes.

Although there are several low dead space syringes, none of them are functional without a separate draw needle and injection needle. They are still dependent on a draw needle. This wastes million of dollars annually.

View the QD Syringe in Action:





Syringe with Integrated Cannula – Patent # 9,295,788




Perstorp’s next-gen plastic alternative is fully safe for use in food packaging

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September 14, 2016 Kari Embree Packaging The primary monomer in Perstorp’s Akestra thermoplastic co-polyester has been added to European Commission regulation regarding “plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with food” (EU) No 10/2011. As a result, all components in the high performance plastic are now on the list… Materials

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Perstorp’s next-gen plastic alternative is fully safe for use in food packaging

Is there—or is there not—a lack of skilled workers?

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September 04, 2016 Clare Goldsberry Business Recently I wrote a blog on a survey showing that the “skills gap” we hear so much about is a myth; that, in reality, there are plenty of workers out there to fill the demand for skilled labor. Besides, if all the manufacturing is moving beyond the U.S. border to Mexico and offshore to China, there… Automotive and Mobility

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Is there—or is there not—a lack of skilled workers?

Prism Plastics’ acquisition of Tech Molded Plastics called a ‘combination of equals’

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June 30, 2016 Clare Goldsberry Injection Molding Prism Plastics (Chesterfield Township, MI), a high-precision plastic product company, has acquired Tech Molded Plastics Inc. (Meadville, PA), a full-service injection molding company specializing in tight-tolerance, precision molding and the manufacture of production injection molds. Prism is a… Business

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Prism Plastics’ acquisition of Tech Molded Plastics called a ‘combination of equals’