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QD Low Dead Space Draw Down Cannula | Innovative Blunt Plastic Cannula

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QD Syringe with Glyflo Technology

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qd-syringe-with-bilateral-glyflo-technologyChristopher Green designed the QD Syringe’s tip with Glyflo Technology™ with a noncoring tip and bilateral fluid flow channels. This new design also greatly reduces the risks of needle sticks by medical professionals (no more detachable draw needles), reduces the spread of infectious diseases, and saves tremendously on medication waste with its low residual volume design and guarantees delivering a less painful injection to the patient.

QD Syringe was designed as a low residual volume syringe with an integrated BPA Free draw needle tip to a polypropylene syringe body. The QD Syringe has an exclusively mating low dead space hub and needle. The next generation of basic disposable syringes.

Although there are several low dead space syringes, none of them are functional without a separate draw needle and injection needle. They are still dependent on a draw needle. This wastes million of dollars annually.

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Syringe with Integrated Cannula – Patent # 9,295,788




What are Low Dead Space Syringes?

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qd-syringe-low-dead-space-syringeDead space in needles and syringes wastes billions of dollars, contributes to vaccine shortages and leads to inaccurate dosing. Dead space in needles and syringes also contributes to HIV and hepatitis C virus transmission among people who inject drugs. There are a number of alternative needle and syringe designs that reduce or eliminate dead space. Several major syringe manufacturers have patented these designs. However, there is no real financial incentive for them to phase out the production of standard needles and syringes and replace them with low dead space alternatives. Our aim is to bring about a change by increasing demand for low dead space needles and syringes and reducing demand for standard needles and syringes.

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Supreme Court Health Care Decision Causes Hospital Stocks To …

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WASHINGTON — Hospital stocks rose sharply Thursday after the Supreme Court guaranteed them millions more paying customers by upholding the core of President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul.




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Supreme Court Health Care Decision Causes Hospital Stocks To …

Strengthening high temperature season aquaculture production …

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In June 26th, the province’s high temperature season aquaculture production and red tide disaster recovery of fishery production work conference held in Fuzhou.Near July, our province will usher in high temperature season, aquaculture water temperature gradually increased, all kinds of aquaculture diseases are apt to happen, will seriously affect the aquiculture production. At the same time, some time ago since, my province coastal red tide disaster occurs continuously, aquaculture suffers severe loss.

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Strengthening high temperature season aquaculture production …